torstai 1. syyskuuta 2011

some outfits august/september

A grey cashmere cardigan is soft and warm, and a white shirt looks clean and tidy! The black belt resembles  a horse's bit and tight black breeches give space to those pretty lace knee socks. An old beautiful satchel accommodates papers as well as a laptop and high platforms in cork and black leather are From China! =D

Salmon pink mohair jumper is gorgeously soft and like a caress to wear with voluminous short skirt of flowery viscose. Creme color lace tights and short beige suede boots are nice and feminine! The whole look is a bit romantic!

Black riding boots, sheer black tights, flowery black viscose skirt and black cotton cardigan form the stem of this outfit! A white ironed shirt and black rather heavy belt complete it with dark turquoise clutch! An interesting combination of light feminine and heavy androgynous elements!

This is trendy fashion: the sheer black voluminous skirt on top of shorts or mini skirt! It moves beautifully and makes nice contrast with the light lilac and darker violet velvet.

Mustard is the color of this autumn! And a lovely color it is - rick and warm and luxurious!  Lighter ochre of the boots, spiraling tights and spiraling checkered skirt accompany the cardigan gorgeously!!

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  1. I very much like your drawings!!! Fine!

  2. thanks so much lovely for following my blog! :) now following ours too :). wow you have such amazing talent in drawing! i love your artwork!

    <3, Kathleen.