tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

towards fall!

The pants are corduroy, dark grayish brown, and the pumps soft brown suede. The white top is knitted linen and the little dark turquoise purse of velvet and leather! The most beautiful and attractive garment is the boucle jacket of thick wool fabric. It contains different brown yarns and some mustard and yellow to liven it up. The surface is really cute and vivid!! Colors of fall... yes, so they are!

Underneath is the little orange dress of soft material and on top of it we have a full skirt of orange chiffon - a lot oif beautiful volume and translucent flow! Lovely suede orange pumps crown the outfit! 

Hot pink sleeveless blazer and dusty pink shorts make a sweet contrast with those shades of green that mark the top and pumps! 

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