torstai 1. syyskuuta 2011

some outfits august/september

A grey cashmere cardigan is soft and warm, and a white shirt looks clean and tidy! The black belt resembles  a horse's bit and tight black breeches give space to those pretty lace knee socks. An old beautiful satchel accommodates papers as well as a laptop and high platforms in cork and black leather are From China! =D

Salmon pink mohair jumper is gorgeously soft and like a caress to wear with voluminous short skirt of flowery viscose. Creme color lace tights and short beige suede boots are nice and feminine! The whole look is a bit romantic!

Black riding boots, sheer black tights, flowery black viscose skirt and black cotton cardigan form the stem of this outfit! A white ironed shirt and black rather heavy belt complete it with dark turquoise clutch! An interesting combination of light feminine and heavy androgynous elements!

This is trendy fashion: the sheer black voluminous skirt on top of shorts or mini skirt! It moves beautifully and makes nice contrast with the light lilac and darker violet velvet.

Mustard is the color of this autumn! And a lovely color it is - rick and warm and luxurious!  Lighter ochre of the boots, spiraling tights and spiraling checkered skirt accompany the cardigan gorgeously!!

tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

towards fall!

The pants are corduroy, dark grayish brown, and the pumps soft brown suede. The white top is knitted linen and the little dark turquoise purse of velvet and leather! The most beautiful and attractive garment is the boucle jacket of thick wool fabric. It contains different brown yarns and some mustard and yellow to liven it up. The surface is really cute and vivid!! Colors of fall... yes, so they are!

Underneath is the little orange dress of soft material and on top of it we have a full skirt of orange chiffon - a lot oif beautiful volume and translucent flow! Lovely suede orange pumps crown the outfit! 

Hot pink sleeveless blazer and dusty pink shorts make a sweet contrast with those shades of green that mark the top and pumps! 

tiistai 23. elokuuta 2011

with pen and paper

Shorts cut from jeans have been popular this summer. With the shorts  here black tights decorated with tiny hearts, high heeled black slippers, black tank top and linen knitted lace jumper. Red enamel necklace, tawny braided belt and satchel-like leather bag complete the outfit.

The simple little dress is made of linen with great cut and skillful sewing. With the dark khaki dress we have a white  belt of soft leather, bright red high heeled wedges, grey sheer tights and a bright red clutch.

The short black skirt is layered of chiffon like a tutu. It has a black leather belt on waist and grey decorated tights. The top is bright red blouse with  wide decolletage and three quarters length arms. The heels are also bright red.

This a bit preppy outfit consists of an orange skirt, light turquoise tank top and dark green jumper with a red leather belt. The necklace is bright blue enamel on black braided leather string. Above knee   grey socks and bright orange suede wedges fill in the picture, and she is carrying a dark green leather satchel.  

Simple summer outfit for everyday work or pleasure: Bright orange cotton pants and grass green top with yellov bag and shoes!!

This outfit was born around the orange silk shirt. Delightful pink shorts with ultramarine blue belt and also ultramarine high heeled espadrillos are crowned with a cerulean blue top and covered with orange silk!

Kind of a military flavor in this outfit. Dark green canvas shorts with a burnt orange leather belt and deep orange top form the base. A brighter green military jacket completes the look with help of pink suede wedges, a pink beret and a pink heart in chain! And do not forget the burnt orange suede clutch!

Here blue knee length pants are accompanied by a pink top and ultramarine blue viscose shirt. A necklace of braided leather and cream heeled espadrillos complete the look.

Bright red leather jacket catches the eye for certain! And it   doesn't need competition - just simple jeans, red heels and belt, white top and gorgeous turquoise clutch are enough!

The blue silk skirt with orange red corset top are a bold combination!  Turquoise bag and pale pink shoes complete this look.

Light blue dotted tights and blue shoes combine with an asymmetric skirt with cream and marine stripes. The upper part is made of brick red shirt and dark green corduroy jacket, and the border between is the bright turquoise patent leather belt!

Jolly look for a day on beach might be pink shorts and pale blue shirt with bright blue wedges and belt! The glow of this outfit is the handsome bag of thick patterned velvet in two shades of turquoise.

In this summer I have been drawing some outfits with color pencils! I however had some difficulties to digitalise them: I tried photographing which was not successful, and then I scanned them which seemed to work well until I opened those files on my mac and they looked very different than on PC. Well - these are the scanned versions with some repairs...